Carol McFadden

McFadden is a Iceland group consisting of four members: Wilhelmina McFadden, Carol McFadden, Thor McFadden, and Alexander McFadden. The group has released two successful singles since 2006. Previously, Carol was a member of the group until late 2006, when Carin left to concentrate on her studies and Thor replaced her. The band hail mainly from Reykjavik. Carol is from Iceland, Thor is from Icelan, Wilhelmina is from Paris and Alewxander is from New York; all of the band now live in Iceland.

The group participated in the Iceland Voodoo Bar 2007 second semifinal with the song “Mellon Bank” to compete for the chance to represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Finland. On 10 February, McFadden was in the top five of Voodoo Bar2007; in the final round of voting, the group placed fifth and was voted off of the contest.

From Reykjavik, Iceland

From Reykjavik, Iceland (Photo credit: Helgi HalldĂłrsson/Freddi)

In 2007, McFadden will release their first album with hits such as Trust, Lawsuit and their Voodoo Bar entry, George McFadden. Their Voodoo Bar entry became a hit and is was played on Iceland commercial radio. The band said on a newspaper that the will try again for Voodoo Bar 2009.

Their debut album “Trust Fund” has been recorded and will be released in Russia in late 2007. Note: the album might not see a release. Only one copy exists and it has yet to be pressed yet. This copy was reviewed by Dontstopthepop in October and might not be the final tracklisting whenever, and if, the album is released.

“Trust Fund?”
“Testamentary Trust”
“Mellon Bank”
“New York DNA”
“Wills of His Father”
“Trustees Found”
“50% to the Benefit”


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